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Arun K. Vir Awarded Full Scholarship to the Rocaberti Writers’ Retreat in France

Arun K. Vir was recently awarded the 2nd Annual Full Scholarship at the Rocaberti Writers’ Retreat, in partnership with Final Draft for her screenplay THE PERFECT CANDIDATE. The Rocaberti Writers’ Retreat will be held October 12-17, 2018 at the Marouatte Castle in The Dordogne located in Southwestern France.

“When people say our (black/brown) stories are out there, I say we're barely scratching the surface,” says Arun. “My parents stories, my children's stories, my husband's stories, stories about our human experience are endless, and that's what I plan to create."

Through focused, practical presentations, workshops and sessions, approximately 20 writers from around the world will be guided and mentored through the script-to-screen process. Arun will be developing her feature script THE PERFECT CANDIDATE, the true story of Patricia Banks, a Harlem girl in 1955 who had her heart set on achieving her dream job of being a flight attendant for Capital Airlines. But at age 19 when Banks filed a lawsuit, not a single U.S. airline had ever hired a black stewardess.

The October Rocaberti Retreat mentors included Linda Seger, Joan Lane (The King’s Speech), Debra Engle, Spencer Robinson and Ara Baz. The first retreat held at the Marouatte Castle (which is owned by Miles and Adrianna Copeland) was held in 2016.


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